What date is Ivan Kupala in 2019

Ivan Kupala is a popular holiday of all, which is celebrated on the day of the summer solstice. It has very ancient roots, because it was revered by our ancestors during the times of paganism

On this day, people worshiped the Sun as a deity, thanked nature for the given abundance, and asked her for favor. In addition, it was believed that the Kupala night was filled with a special power that allows you to perform various divinations and rituals.

When Christianity came to our lands, everything changed. The holiday itself was preserved, but its meaning was completely different: according to church canons, it is known as the Nativity of John the Baptist.

During the time of our ancestors, Ivan Kupala fell on June 24, but today everyone celebrates this holiday on July 7. This date is unchanged, so it does not need to be separately calculated, as is customary in determining the time of celebration, for example, Easter.

A little bit about the history of the holiday

Ivan Kupala, a merry and bright holiday, came to us from pagan times: the Slavs celebrated it 400 years before the arrival of Christianity.This celebration can be called unique with certainty, because it was considered one of the most important of the year and has always been greeted with a special scale.

He was dedicated to the Sun, which gives life to all living things and warms the warmth of everyone without exception. At this time, also honored the deity named Kupalo, which partially explains the name of the modern holiday.

When Christianity came to Europe, the church did everything possible to eradicate the ancient pagan rites, traditions and holidays, replacing them with their own. She did not go around with her attention to the day of the summer solstice, timed to coincide with the birth of John the Baptist.

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Under the influence of the new religion, the holiday has greatly changed, but it was not possible to completely get rid of the ancient beliefs and rituals.

Today, Ivan Kupalo is an amazing interweaving of Orthodox and pagan traditions, which makes it special. Despite the fact that the triumph has undergone many changes, people's love passed through the centuries, and it remained one of the most anticipated of the year.

Traditions of the holiday of Ivan Kupala

Ivan Kupalo is associated with many traditions and rituals, most of which are associated not with the holiday, but with the night.On the eve of the celebration, young people organized merry festivities, a necessary attribute of which was a large and bright bonfire.

Ivana Kupala 2019 day

The most courageous guys, trying to demonstrate their prowess, jumped through the flames, competing, whose jump would be higher and better. In ancient times, they believed that someone who jumps higher than the others through flames is waiting for happiness and love for life.

When the fire began to glow less intensely, couples of lovers jumped through it, and they always tried to hold hands. It was believed that if the couple succeeded in jumping over the flames without releasing each other’s hands, they would have a long and happy life together, in which they could overcome all obstacles together.

In addition, all those present at the festival arranged funny round dances that drove around a burning fire. During the dance, young people sang ceremonial songs that were dedicated only to this day. Peasants also led cattle to the sacred flame, believing that the fire would protect animals from diseases and other misfortunes. The festivities lasted always until sunrise.

night ivan kupala

Our ancestors honored not only fire, but also water, and this tradition intensified even more after the arrival of Christianity.Thus, according to church canons, John Kupalo is revered by John the Baptist, who baptized Jesus in the waters of the Jordan. It is believed that on this day all evil spirits leave the water, so for 24 hours you can safely swim in any reservoir.

Moreover, during the course of a day, people attributed to the “Kupala” water the ability to heal diseases and improve health. At Ivan Kupalo, everyone tried to at least plunge into a river or a lake in order to cleanse his soul and become healthier. Those who lived away reservoirs, heated baths and steamed in them.

Our ancestors also believed in the special properties of dew and considered it not just morning moisture, but an elixir sent from the sky. Women and girls must have washed their faces with dew to prolong youth and beauty.

Ivana Kupala traditions

Well, men and young boys lay on the grass covered with dew, believing that it would give them more strength and endurance. After that, the women gathered wild flowers and herbs, from which they then made wreaths and made bouquets.

The herbs collected on Ivan Kupala were dried and used to fumigate the room in which someone was sick, in order to expel the disease and evil spirits.

But the main legend of Ivan Kupalo is a fern flower, which, according to beliefs, blooms only on a festive night.It was believed that whoever finds this flower will also find countless treasures, as well as receive special strength and health. In his search could go anyone.

"Kupala" signs

holiday Ivan Kupala

There are many interesting signs associated with Ivan Kupalo, which have survived to our time. For example, it is believed that if you collect 12 different herbs on this day, then next year the family will be waiting for the wedding.

If it rains on a holiday, then summer will surely be hot and arid, and such weather will last until the autumn. It was considered a bad omen to see a snake: ancestors believed that this foreshadowed losses and troubles.

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