What does the name Artem mean?

What does the name Artem mean?

  1. Artem
    Translated from Greek as - "unscathed."
    Artemis are flexible, purposeful. Not careerists. They are doing everything with their own labor, they are very loyal, they know how to keep secrets. They are people of different professions: jewelers, doctors, electricians, artists, architects, journalists, educators, watchmakers.
    Marrying, they become good husbands, they love animals. Industrious. They feed addiction to travel, drive well, repair it themselves. In the family, not leaders. They like to receive guests and cook for them.
    "Autumn" - stubborn and persistent, but not conflict. Talented, with imagination, but, unfortunately, the talent of many remains undisclosed. They love adventure literature. They go in for sports, but do not reach great heights. Their weakness is to talk on the phone. "Winter" - with a very controversial character. "Summer" - very kind and trustful, mothers always worry for them, because they are always helpless in life. Willingly travel and just as willingly go on business trips, quickly find themselves friends.

    The name Artem, translated from Greek - "unharmed," "healthy," originally sounded like Artemy. Now these two options are considered different names. Perhaps, the name education is connected with the ancient Greek goddess of hunting Artemis. In Russia, the name was brought along with Christianity from Byzantium. This name was worn by a righteous child, whose relics, some time after death, were recognized incorruptible. Subsequently, on the orders of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, a monastery was built, in which relics of Artemy Verkolsky were placed. One of the seventy apostles was called Artem. A person who has a given name is usually modest and honest. He will not, prove his case, too soft for this.

    Anna, Bella, Gella, Larisa, Lyudmila, Tamara are suitable for a successful marriage, and Zoya, Maya, Marina or Elsa are not suitable.

  2. The meaning of the name Artem

    In translation from ancient Greek means "unscathed", "impeccable health".

    Despite his name, Artyomy as a child is constantly ill with respiratory diseases. At school, as a rule, they do not have any difficulties. Artemis are calm, try to be unobtrusive in communication. Sociable and friendly. Can objectively assess the situation. They always tell the truth, because of what they can get into an unpleasant situation. They achieve everything with their own work, their career is not the main thing. Very devoted and able to keep secrets. Artems can be doctors, journalists, electricians, architects, teachers, builders. Practically every profession is available to them and everywhere they succeed.

    For women, Artem is a godsend. He is a good husband, an exemplary family man. Always helps around the house. Likes to travel and receive guests.

    "Autumn" Artemy are persistent, but not conflict. Possess many abilities, but not all of them will be realized.

    "Summer" Artemy are kind and trustful, sometimes they are helpless in life. Easily find friends.

    Successful relationships and marriage with a woman named: Anna, Larisa, Lyudmila, Tamara.

    Very difficult can be a relationship with a woman wearing a name: Zoya, Maya, Maria.

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