What interior doors are better?

There are many types of interior door designs. They are classified by a huge number of signs: from the type of finish to the number of canvases. Rich diversity is often the reason for the difficulty of choosing the right model.

In this article we will talk about what interior doors are better to put at home and in the office. Certainly the information provided will be useful to potential buyers. With its help, they will be able to make the right choice, in favor of the most suitable model.

Hidden doors

Such door structures have a special box structure, thanks to which they are installed flush with the wall. They are almost invisible against the general background and are capable of misleading a person who does not know the exact location of the passage. In addition to the box having a special design, the doors are also equipped with hidden hinges, embedded in the canvas and box.

Buy hidden doorspeople want to create a visually finished interior.They are also useful for arranging secret rooms. More oftendoors with hidden hingesand the box can be found in the rooms entrance, which is located in the hallways and living rooms.


Answering the question which interior doors are best to put on, we should mention constructions, the canvas of which opens parallel to the wall. They can be a great solution for rooms with a small area. Cloth, opening parallel to the wall, can be removed in the box.

Such door designs are most often found in wardrobes, but can be installed in any other room. Sliding doors are an excellent solution for offices where there is a need to divide one large room into several small ones.

From the array

The most expensive, elite and prestigious are structures made of solid wood. They prefer to install wealthy people, because expensive products from the array can emphasize the presence of good taste and prosperous financial situation.

Products from the massif are established in offices, drawing rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.They can also be found in wine rooms and cellars.


Along with products from the array, doors covered with veneer are very popular. They are also considered elite. Each veneered design is exclusive. This is due to the fact that the texture of natural veneer is unique, because there are no two identical trees in the world.

The scope of similar products is incredibly extensive. They can be installed with the same success, both in offices and in bedrooms.


What interior doors are best to put in the kitchen, in the wardrobe, etc.? The answer to this question is quite simple. For such rooms, a door-book is an ideal way to save a significant part of the space.

Door constructions of this type came to Europe, and then to our country from China and Japan. Initially, their use, most often practiced in the arrangement of the interior in numerous oriental styles. Now books can be found in any interior.

Company "His"

If you can not decide which interior doors are best to install and want to carefully examine all of the above types, we recommend that you visit the official site of our firm, Svoe. We have an extensive selection of products.

Production company “Svoeo” has been operating in the domestic market for over 10 years. During this time, the masters of the company manufactured and installed thousands of different door designs. It should be noted that the vast majority of clients prefer to recommend “Own” to friends and relatives.

If you can not decide for yourself what interior doors are better to put, we recommend contacting our designers and send them some photos of your interior. They will in the shortest possible time will offer several of the most appropriate options.

Own production

All products sold by the Svoeo company are produced by our craftsmen independently. This will especially please people who cannot decide which interior doors are best to install. Due to the presence of its own production, specialists of “His” are ready to make the production according to the sketches of customers.

Production of all products is carried out exclusively from expensive and high-quality materials. For example, all accessories are purchased from Italian manufacturers.

Listing different types of doors, we strive to show their diversity and originality.

What interior doors better to put? This question worries many. But thanks to the rich experience of the specialists of the Svoyo company, he is fully resolved.

Turning to us, you will be able to choose from dozens of different models. In this case, our consultants will provide full information support, so that you can certainly make the right choice.

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