What is a computer upgrade?

Owners of computers are convinced thatproductivity - this is exactly what never happens a lot. Regardless of the tasks that are designed to solve this or that computing system. So, video game lovers want their electronic friend and comrade-in-arms to easily process complex three-dimensional images, calculate the physics of the virtual world and, of course, manage smart "bots".computer upgradePeople for whom a home computeris a multimedia center, would not prevent a faster boot of the system. Enthusiast theorists also think that the number of Pi can be calculated and quickly. Even working with office applications, sometimes you have to wait until you open a voluminous file with tables and graphs that few people like. In short, everyone wants to improve some of the characteristics of their computing system. That is why the modernization of the computer is so in demand. The term itself, which is based on the words "update, improve," speaks for itself.

If there is demand, then the proposal will not force itselflong wait: The Internet is full of ads, where you can repair and upgrade computers. Yes, and many shops selling computer equipment, hang out advertising brochures. Which, however, is quite predictable, because the repair and modernization of the computer they have is one of the significant income items. As in the first and second cases it is indicated that the user himself will not cope with the improvement of the system unit or laptop or will not be able to take into account some of the nuances. This is not true. Modernization of the computer is quite possible for any user - it is practically impossible to "break firewood".

repair and modernization of computersThe design of all modern personal computers (hereinafter wewe will consider them) modular. That is, all components are standard and are joined to each other by means of appropriate unified connectors. Thus, the view that the modernization of the computer requires the ability to work with a soldering iron and to understand electronic circuits is erroneous. Does anyone ever come to mind to study the PUE, deciding to change the incandescent lamp burnt in the room? Therefore, it is necessary to understand that computer modernization is a simple operation that does not require special knowledge. Unless only care and accuracy are needed.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the component,which needs to be updated. If all the disks are busy with information, and there is nowhere to write a new one, then a new hard drive is needed. The instructions to the motherboard indicate the supported standards of the disk subsystem. It can be an IDE or SATA. Devices of the first type are no longer available, so you will probably need to purchase a new SATA hard drive and a PCI expansion card containing the controller and the required connector. If the motherboard originally knows how to work with SATA, then it's still easier.computer repair and modernizationYou should open the case of the system unit, find the old hard drive, see how it is connected, and connect it to the board in a similar way.

If the problem is slow workmodern games, then the video card should be changed. They come in three types: PCI, AGP, PCE-Express. The motherboard that does not support the latest standard is too old and requires replacement. If you have PCI-E, you just need to purchase a new video card and insert it into the corresponding connector.

Slow computer work most oftendue to the small amount of RAM and the "weak" processor. Again, in the board instructions, you need to find supported standards and purchase more productive components that are supported by the motherboard.

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