What is alpha?

The foreign word "alpha" has become firmly established inRussian and is found in a variety of combinations. About what "alpha" is, we'll cover in this article, and the meanings of other unfamiliar words you can find on our site in the Definitions section.

"Alpha": the origin and meaning of the word

The word "alpha" came to us very long ago fromGreek, in which the first letter of the alphabet is called. This is also related to its main significance: "alpha" is the "beginning", the "first", and sometimes even the "main" or "best." Popular is the expression "alpha and omega" or "from alpha to omega" - that is, "first and last", "from beginning to end", because "omega", in turn, is the last letter of the Greek alphabet.

The word "alpha" is widely used in science. For example, the name of the brightest star in the constellation always begins with "alpha" - Alpha Cepheus, Alpha Centauri, etc. In physics, there is the concept of "alpha particles" - these are positively charged particles consisting of two protons and two neutrons.

Everyone is probably familiar with the popular word"Alpha male" - in zoology, this is the main male in the group, having unquestioned authority and the right to all females. On the figurative meaning of this word with regard to men is easy to guess.

"Alpha" can also be called a plant - a grass growing in North Africa, a relative of the feather grass. They are fed cattle, and stems are used for weaving and for making paper.

All possible definitions and examples of applicationthe word "alpha" is difficult to list, so the main thing to remember is its basic meaning. Then it will be easy to guess about the meaning of "alpha" in various contexts.

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