What is CSW? Decoding of the popular Internet phenomenon

Among the huge number of memes on the Internet isone widespread and incredibly relevant in our time - CSV, the decoding of which is known to many and, unfortunately, is close. It's about a sense of self importance. Whatever one may say, the overwhelming majority of the population (if not the country, then the Internet precisely) has an excessively high opinion of themselves and their own judgments. Their view of these or other things a priori the most reasonable, correct and not subject to discussion. Such people require special treatment, although their importance is usually exaggerated and is in question. About these people say: "The VSW goes off scale!"

And they are ridiculed with the help of amusing aphorisms,thematic pictures in social networks. Where do such personalities come from? Who invented the so-popular meme about overestimated self-esteem? At whom from known people it is possible to diagnose syndrome CHSV? How to understand if you have the prerequisites for its development? How is it dangerous and how to deal with it? Read all about this below.

chsv decryption

About how we learned about CSW

Let's start, perhaps, from where it came fromthis term. Entered his famous American writer, esoteric scientist Castaneda. It was from him that we first learned about a phenomenon like CSV. Deciphering this abbreviation today does not cause difficulties for any of the active Internet users. And all thanks to the Russian-language encyclopedia "Lurkomorye" - it was her popularized CMV memorial, as well as many other well-known Internet phenomena. Due to the absence of strict formalities (as in the Wikipedia itself), this resource covers a larger number of the most diverse objects in the modern world and gives a more complete and clear idea of ​​them.

Who are they - people with overpriced CBC?

So, we understand what is CSW, decodingis known, and the source that spread knowledge of it, too. But in itself a sense of self-importance could not appear, there must be its "carriers". And, of course, they are. Such people have always been enough, just the Internet helps them "get out into the world", show themselves to a huge number of people (network users) and, accordingly, demonstrate their brightness. It is very easy to detect the carrier of CSV - you only need to stumble upon his messages a couple of times, comments on the posts, and everything will become clear immediately. All his conversations are conducted with one main goal - to attract attention, to declare to the public about their own coolness and uniqueness, thereby at the same time and energize their CSW.

chsv zashkalivaet

Among people who have cirrhosis overestimated andunswerving, there are many well-known media persons. So, for example, often in social networks this characteristic was applied to the Russian designer and blogger Artemy Lebedev, TV and radio presenter, as well as the scandalous blogger Kate Gordon, the Russian publicist, blogger and popularizer of Satanism Varracks. All of them are known for their shocking antics, selfish attitude and expressive expressions in work / creativity. Around them there are always some disputes, noise, discussions and emotions (often negative), however, this is in most cases included in their plans.

CBC in real life

With respect to celebrities and popular figures in themass media all seems to be quite logical - they need PR, it's important for them to talk about them. But what about ordinary, non-public people, such as us? Have you ever paid attention to your behavior and how you position yourself when communicating with other people (even on the Internet, even in real life)? After all, excessive CSV can be very, very disturbing.

chsv overestimated

What overestimated CSV can be dangerous?

First, it can negatively affect thecommunication with other people: friends, relatives, colleagues and just around us every day every day. How do they affect your CSW? The interpretation of this concept may sound like this: "I am the navel of the Earth." Who will like this position? It is unlikely that your colleague, and even more so the boss, will be happy to work with a person for whom his own interests are above all. A native people? Is it easy for them to get along with you and try to please all whims? Sooner or later, the one who communicates with the carrier of CSW will end his patience, and the relationship will crack.

Secondly, an overestimated CSW harms you mostthemselves. The position "I am the best / ideal / always right" can easily lead to degradation, lack of self-development, deafness and blindness to the opinions and desires of others. As a result, you can close in yourself and lose touch with reality. Of course, this is in particularly difficult cases, but it all begins with a small one.

chw syndrome

How not to fall into the trap of CSW?

If you notice this behavior,thoughts, statements, it is worth stopping and thinking: "Why do I behave this way and what can it lead to?" Of course, the CMV itself should be present for every person, but in a reasonable proportion. Low self-esteem is as dangerous and harmful as overestimated. Try to find a balance. Adhere to your views and opinions, if they are justified, thought out and weighed, but respect the opposite, different opinions. Be true to yourself, but listen to others - it is useful. As for social networks, sometimes it is better to "pass by" some post than to get involved in empty conversations, it is better to do something more useful and productive.

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