What is it - customization in games?

Many gamers are interested in the question, what is it -customization? It is called any process in which any element of the game is created, improved or adorned. Most often this concept refers to the protagonist and to changes in existing projects. Customization completely depends on the tools that the manufacturer creates directly for the players. Projects differ in that some have a huge editor with great functionality, and others - a small choice between models.customization is

The popularity of customization in games

Customization is an opportunity for the player to showthemselves in any gameplay. He can create a hero who will stand out and become as unique as possible. Often such a happy players in the RPG. The editor can give the gamer the opportunity to create any hero that he liked. Customization concerns also those games in the genre of "shooters". Usually in them it captures an interesting weapon. In the race, self-development of machines is common. And these are only the most popular options. customization capabilities

Explanation of the term

The term "customization" is a concept thatindicates the change of an element in the product, making it more convenient for use by the buyer. Often this word is used by marketers in the professional sphere. In this case, it will mean a change in the design of the products. In the digital industry, this term is also often used.

The Windows operating system is software that can be improved and modified. Everyone who loves beautiful desktops, from the time of the first version came up with beautiful screensavers.

To date, customization does not concernonly the design of the system, but also the computer from the inside. Users are allowed to install gadgets, download various themes and wallpapers. But you need to understand that there is no possibility to rewrite the code. Most often this term is used in games in which manufacturers allow gamers to create levels, new characters and so on. Special editors are used for this.customization overview

Characters in RPGs

Customization is an endless process in gamesRPG. Immediately the first time you enter the user opens the editor, in which you can choose the appearance of the hero and its dimensions. In many large games you can change even small elements of the face, creating an almost perfect character.

Far in the matter progressed the game Fallout4. After it was released, gamers spent at least 3-4 hours in it, while not really starting the process. Customization continues throughout the game: the choice of armor and clothing is always provided. A person can choose any option according to his preference.

In the game "Skyrim" it is allowed to choose hairstyles, and in Fable - to beat tattoos. Thanks to this approach, users do not lose interest and do not throw the project halfway through.

Editor in MMORPG

The review of customization in MMORPG games should beis described separately. In this genre, this process is practically basic. The fact is that in such games each user tries to stand out from the rest. The game process continues constantly, there is the opportunity to participate in the adventure of the group. If there is no possibility to immediately stand out among the rest, then the players, as a rule, will not like this project at first sight.

To mark it is necessary Korean MMORPG, whichbelong to the upper class. It's about Blade and Soul and others. The built-in editor allows you to change even the color of your eyes. It would seem a frivolous and small detail, but many players like it. In games of such genres, customization does not end with the design of one character. In a project that is known all over the world, World of Warcraft, hunting for beautiful clothes began long ago, but is still relevant. In many games, customization is very different. The common feature of each process is to get the player interested. customization examples

New customization

Examples of customization have already been described above. Now we need to talk about how this process is changing. In 2010, a question arose about how to implement paid content in the project, which would be secondary and did not affect the main storyline. Before this period, there was a strong competition between players, as, as a rule, the material sphere strongly influenced the position of the gamer. This did not please anyone.

The concept of "skin" became known after the Leagueof Legend, in which customization became paid - the basic elements were available for free, but for special items it was necessary to pay extra. This scheme has spread very much and is now used in all major games. Here are such opportunities for customization.

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