What kind of animal is pangolin?

Pangolin is an unusual animal, reminiscent ofarmadillo or anteater. However, all these animals are completely different. Pangolins belong to the mammalian placental cohort and are lizards. Their name comes from the word "pengguling", which translates as "curl up into a ball". This animal really twists into a ball if it feels threatened.

Sometimes pangolins are cimolest, but it is believed that the latter became extinct long ago. Therefore, the origin of pangolin is still a mystery.

The description of this exotic animal will be considered later in the article.

general characteristics

As we have already said, pangolin is a lizard from a detachmentplacental. Its name in Latin sounds Pholidota. The body length of these lizards is 30-80 cm, the tail often has the same length and even more. The size of the animal is small.

The beast differs from its counterparts in an unusual appearance, reminiscent of either a hedgehog or a dragon. Pangolin is a scaly animal. Curled, it becomes like a lump.

The beast has a powerful armor consisting of largehard diamond-shaped plates. Such a durable coating protects the pangolin from any hazards. Horny scales have different colors. Their color varies from yellowish to brown. This coloring allows the beast to remain unnoticed among the surrounding landscape.

Scales do not interfere with the animal at all, if the enemy approaches, the animal rapidly collapses into a ball, while the scaly particles are folded like tiles.

On the nose, abdomen and lower part of the paws there are no scales,these parts of the body are covered with hairs. Scales themselves are sharpened on the back side. If any of them abuses, in its place comes again educated. The number of scales does not change throughout the life of the animal.

On the paws of the beast are five fingers with tenacious claws, helping the animal to dig.Pangolin animal

Features of nutrition

Pangolin - an animal whimsical in flavoringpreferences. It prefers only ants and termites, as well as their eggs. Maybe that's why pangolins are like anteaters. They have the same long muzzle and a tiny mouth. All other food ignores the animals.

Any insectivorous animal has an elongated, sticky tongue. It can reach a length of 40 cm in length. So it is with pangolins. And the language is equipped with powerful muscles, the length of which reaches the pelvic part.

There is no tooth in the animal. Instead of teeth, he has horny growths in his stomach. Their function is the same as that of teeth. Pangolin sometimes swallows pebbles and sand, which help to grind food.

The food of pangolin is dry, so the animal needs uncomplicated access to water. It is for this reason that the animal lives in the humid tropics.

Weigh a beast from 4.5 to 27 kg. He has strong legs, five-fingered, with large claws.Pangolin Animal Lifestyle


Pangolin is an animal that huntsof insects. And it does this in an unusual way. He does not want to spend a lot of time and energy on hunting, so he can easily rummage an anthill and launch the language there. Then the panagon awaits when the ants stick to the sticky surface of the tongue and tighten them in their mouths.

Destroy a whole colony of ants pangolin canin half an hour. If, for some reason, he can not do this, the beast sticks the sticky saliva into the anthill and returns the next day to finish it.

But this is not the only possible option for hunting. The taste and smell of saliva like ants. Therefore, the pangolin simply sits down, releases drooling and waits for the extraction itself to approach it.

Sight and hearing in animals are weak. The eyes have a small size, they are covered with eyelids, providing protection against insect bites. The sense of smell is well developed.

During hunting pangolin extracts a lot of insects. Sometimes up to 2 kg of prey were found in their stomachs.Pangolin animal habitat


Zverek surprisingly performs hygiene measures.

With the help of an anthill, pangolins are exempted frompests on the skin. They settle down near the ant house and wait until its inhabitants come running. The ants penetrate the scales of pangolin and bite. The skin of the animal is then supplied with formic acid and purified. After the completion of the "procedure", pangolin squeezes the scales and this action destroys the ants.Pangolin lizard from the placental order


Pangolin is an animal whose way of lifesingle, multiplies once a year. This happens in the winter. At this time, the pangolin creates a pair, however, for a short while. To carry out the process of mating, the male and the female lay down next to each other and twist the tails. So they can mate.

A pregnant female bred for 4-5 months. Babies are born without hair, but completely independent. Their body is protected by soft bristles, gaining firmness after two weeks.

The mother feeds the babies with her milk formonth. When approaching danger, it wraps itself in a ball and protects children under its body. At the end of time, the cubs switch to adult food and begin to eat insects.Magnificent Pangolin


Pangolin - an animal at night, awake in the darkTimes of Day. By nature, the animal is unhurried. In the afternoon the animal sleeps. For sleep, he makes a mink or takes a hollow in the tree. By nature, he is lonely, does not form a flock.

Pangolin is an animal whose habitat depends on the species.

Some species live on trees, move well on them, but their speed does not exceed 5 km per hour. Sometimes they just hang on trees, catching their tail.

In the event of a threat, the animal can not escape, itsrescues powerful scales. He hides his head under the tail. Reinforce such a twist can, perhaps, only a leopard. To protect the pangolin also uses a stench of stink produced by the anal organs.

In addition to trees, the animal lives on the ground. They settle in the forests of the tropics and in open areas. Some species get into burrows, and they spend their whole lives there.

The animal easily stands on its hind legs, examining the terrain. In doing so, it rests on the tail.

Life expectancy of the animal is 13-14 years.Pangolin scaly animal


In the world there are 8 varieties of pangolins. Four of them live in South and Equatorial Africa, others in South-East Asia.

Pangolins are called - African and Asian. Among the Asian known:

  • Javanese - inhabits the forest areas of Southeast Asia, feels great on trees, and also on the ground;
  • Filipino - lives only on the territories of the Philippine Islands;
  • eared - it is also called Chinese, lives in the forests and on the hills of China, the name received for large ears;
  • Indian - lives in the plains, forest areas, as well as in the foothills of India, Nepal.

To African include such varieties:

  • belobryuhiy - lives in the forests and savannas of Africa, the smallest representative of such animals, weighing no more than 2.4 kg;
  • Long-tailed - likes raw forests and wetlands;
  • steppe - settles in the steppe regions and savannas of Africa;
  • giant - the largest in size pangolins, living in the forests and savannas of the equator.

Features and habitat of pangolin

Unique facts

Magnificent pangolin is on the vergeextinction. These animals are not so many in the world. A man hunts for them because of an unusual appearance. Some people use animals for food. The taste of their meat is like pork. Skin and scales have healing properties. Individual nationalities believe that scales help protect themselves from witchcraft. African people are hunting pangolins and using them for food.

The number of pangolins is steadily falling. The forests are destroyed, where they live, and gets to the animals themselves. The animal is listed as an endangered mammal and is protected.

Trade in pangolins is prohibited. However, illegal traders continue to export them, mainly from Vietnam. Authorities confiscate animals, such cases occur more often. And animals are taken not only entirely, but also in parts. The cost of pangolin on the black market is tens of thousands of dollars.

African healers say that scales of pangolins save from diseases such as cancer, asthma; helps to improve lactation.

Animals do not survive in captivity, their content is very problematic due to the nuances of life and nutrition.

So, we have examined the features and habitat of pangolin. This is a truly unique and interesting beast.

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