What to give: 40 years?

For a long time there is a strange sign thatcelebrate the fortieth anniversary can not. Follow it or not - depends on the degree of superstition of a particular person, but family and friends try to make a gift to the birthday person in any case. So, you probably will have to choose a gift for the anniversary. In this article, we will tell you what to give for 40 years for a man and a woman.

What to give a man for the fortieth anniversary

A man of 40 years, as a rule, has already settled down andbecame more serious, but still remains faithful to his youthful habits and enthusiasm. If your birthday person is suitable for such a description, it is better to pick him a gift, based on his preferences. Many men are fond of sports, so you can give a hero a good sports form for playing football, a ball or a ticket to the match of your favorite team.

Intellectuals are better off giving hand-made chess or checkers. Such originalgiftproducts made of wood are not cheap, but you willsure that your present will be unique and will last for more than a decade. If the jubilee is fond of fishing, loves nature and rest in the country, you should look at the gift on his hobby. Give the man a set of fishing rods, a new tent, a refrigerator bag, a durable large backpack, a set of folding furniture for a summer patio or a brazier with skewers for cooking shish kebab in the fresh air.

Men who got their fortieth anniversaryown business and have a successful career, it is very convenient to give things to your personal cabinet. Interesting stationery in the form of original pens with initials of the jubilee, stands for them, pencil sharpeners in the form of old cannons, weapons on the wall, daggers in a beautiful scabbard - all this will find its place in the owner's office. You can also choose the original clock on the wall, but it is desirable that they are in a strict style. From a series of "business" gifts, you can also use a desk clock in the form of an open book or in the form of a dial inserted in a piece of marble.

On such an event, leather briefcases and folders for documents,giftWeekly in a beautiful cover from the naturalleather, cigarette case and quality ashtray material. You can present a birthday lighter with a unique lighter with an engraving of his name and surname. By the way, smokers are not bad to give an elegant tube of wood or a box to store expensive cigars.

Wooden stands for alcoholic beverages inform of a half-naked woman, who wraps her hand around the bottle - an excellent gift for the forty-year-old man. If the hero is a close person, you can give him leather gloves, an umbrella, a warm scarf for the winter, and a nice knitted jacket or pullover. On the topic, read also our article. What to give a man for 40 years.

What to give a woman for the fortieth anniversary

The perfect floor for such a date can pick up an interesting decoration or a set of jewelry. A good gift will be a set of pearls, which like practicallygiftall women. Earrings, necklace and bracelet, as well as a ring will be an excellent option. Now many women like to wear so-called scarf-necklaces. They are a delicate fabric, threaded into a ring or pendant, to which it is attached using different materials. It looks very original and is suitable both for going out into the light, and for every day.

From good and dear spirits will not refuse anywoman, so that you can give the birthday girl for 40 years of perfume. Qualitative sets of cosmetics or skin care products will also be a good choice. From clothes it is necessary to choose only natural materials. An elegant shawl, leather gloves or a handbag made of genuine leather will suit very well. Today, women prefergiftwear clutches for different events, so you will have a great choice in shops. You can buy both the evening version, and everyday.

In addition, a woman for 40 years can also be givenhousehold goods. Towels, large tablecloths, bed linen sets and bedspreads on the bed, curtains and even carpets can be found under the interior of the apartment of the birthday girl. Do not forget about household appliances in the form of a mixer, a good iron with new functions, a juicer or a kettle.

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