When is Student Day in 2019

Student years is the most fun and carefree time in the life of every person. These are truly golden days that most students spend on textbooks, and after a successful session they are spent in a cheerful company of friends.

How often we with nostalgia remember such events from our life, looking at the constantly busy energetic teenagers from the morning in a hurry for couples. But, unfortunately, time is fleetingly and inexorably running forward, taking years of our youth into distant memories.

Today, just like many years ago, students of domestic higher educational institutions are eagerly awaiting their main day in 2019 - Student's Day. This celebration is always accompanied by unbridled fun and pleasant impressions that remain for life.

Our students have two “professional” celebrations. Few people know that, in fact, domestic students every year celebrate two of their “professional” holidays at once, this is November 17 and January 25, Tatiana's Day. They are similar in many respects, but, nevertheless, there are cardinal differences, primarily in the origins of the tradition and perception of the student community.

Respect for the victims of fascist repression

when is student day in 2019

The holiday of students of the whole world is officially celebrated on November 17th and the traditions of its celebration are significantly different from the canons adopted in our state. In the world practice, student's day is, first of all, ceremonies commemorating innocent victims, young men and women of Czechoslovakia who fell at the hands of the Nazis in the distant years of the war.

Then, at the very beginning of the Second World War, namely at the end of October 1939, in Czechoslovakia, which at that time was under the occupation of the German troops, a meeting of students and their teachers was held. The procession was timed to the anniversary of the formation of an independent Czechoslovak state and gathered several thousand people.

On the same day, the rally was dispersed in the most cruel way. There were no victims: the young student Yang Opletala became the victim of the inhuman attitude of the invaders, whose life was cut short after numerous injuries.

The funeral of the fallen student was scheduled for November 15 and gathered hundreds of caring people who did not want to endure imposed tyranny. The funeral procession, originally planned as a peaceful march, subsequently grew into bloody clashes with the fascists and provoked the occupying forces to take drastic measures.

International Student Day 2019

Early in the morning of November 17, the German military stormed the university, where more than 1,200 people were arrested. All these people went to prison camps, where hard work and inhuman attitude of warders awaited them.

Such terrible events simply could not go unnoticed, so in 1942 at the international meeting of representatives of the student community in the British capital, the delegates made the unanimous decision to consider November 17 the official Student Day.

Since that time, students of universities, in many states, on this autumn day celebrate a “professional” holiday and remember their colleagues who have become victims of a ruthless fascist regime.

Student Day in the Russian Federation

student day in Russia

In our country, as in many other countries affected by the fascist aggression, they also honor the dead young people on November 17 and express their solidarity with the common goals of all students. However, another date is much more popular in the Russian Federation - January 25 is Tatiana's Day. This is a primordial Russian holiday, during which students have fun and thank their patron saint.

The tradition to celebrate the students' holiday was born on January 25, back in the eighteenth century, when Empress Catherine Petrovna issued a decree on the establishment of a university in the capital. This project was incredibly successful and brought Russian science to a new level of development.

Soon, in the architectural ensemble of the building, it was decided to enter the church of St. Tatiana of Rome, which has always been considered to be the protector of the educated people. Ever since, in our country, Student’s Day and Tatiana’s Day have become one, and all young people who master science accept congratulations on January 25th.

Not so long ago, in 2005, the holiday of domestic students gained official status. The President of Russia signed a special decree recognizing January 25th as the “Day of Students in Russia”.

Student day in our time

what date is the student's day in 2019

Today, the student festival on January 25 is held at the official level. All higher educational institutions organize solemn events with various ceremonies, contests and entertainment events.

University management awards the most successful students for achievements in their studies, sports and social life.From everywhere congratulations are heard with kind wishes and wishes of success in the future.

As for the traditions in these landmark days, they differ in many ways. November 17, the International Day of Students is not taken too much fun. This is a mourning date that does not forget about the tragedy of events. Young people on this day participate in ceremonies and demonstrate support for the principles of humanity, mutual assistance and mutual respect.

Well, on January 25, students arrange a real holiday. Fun on this day is limited only by the rules of public order and personal moral standards.

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