Where are the screenshots saved?

The computer gives us a lot of opportunities. We do not use many functions, but we do not even know about some of them. Our today's article will be devoted to a very simple and unpretentious operation, which, however, is not known to many. We will learn how to make a so-called "screenshot", that is, save the image on the screen in its full form, and also find out where the screenshots are saved.

Saving screenshots

Let's start with the basics. When the user presses the Print Screen button on their keyboard, the computer saves the image that the user is currently watching. But where to look for this image to see it? In this case, the clipboard operates, where the temporary copied information is stored. Here, where the screenshots are saved. A clipboard is a memory allocation for storing temporary data. When new information is received, the old one is lost and replaced. So if you took a screenshot and forgot to save it, then almost certainly it will be lost. The spoon is good for dinner, as some say. In this case, they are absolutely right. Did you take a screenshot? Immediately save it.

Save the screenshots: Windows OS

How to do it? Everything is very simple. After making a screenshot, you can open the Paint program, which is a mandatory attribute of all Windows operating systems. The program is usually located in the Start menu. Her badge is a palette of colors and a brush. Open Paint and in the Edit tab select the function Paste ... And from the clipboard, the picture is imported to the Paint workspace. After that, save the picture in any format that is convenient for you. To do this, select the "File" tab and use the "Save as ..." option. Save the file to any convenient place on your computer. Now the screenshot is ready. Here, where screenshots print screen are saved.

Very similar actions need to be done,if you are a fan of a more complex graphic editor from Adobe. It's about Photoshop. Click on Print Screen. Open Photoshop and paste the file from the buffer. Save the image in the desired format and enjoy the new picture. Many ask a question about the new game Skyrim or about the good old CC. Where are Skyrim or CS screenshots saved? The answer is simple - they are saved in the root folder of the game.

Save the screenshots: Linux

As you must have noticed, dear reader,the process of creating a screenshot does not take much time and brain resources. However, not all users work with the operating system from Microsoft. Let's focus on those who prefer working with the Linux operating system. Nothing new here. Boldly press the button Print Screen, and, miracle, immediately appears dialog box, which prompts the user to come up with the name of the screen shot and save it to any convenient place. The advantage of such a system is that you will not forget to immediately save the picture, and in the end it will not be lost anywhere, and you will know for sure where the screen screenshot is saved. The operating system Linux has a lot of similar convenient gadgets, which are designed to help the user to effectively organize their work on the computer. But let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of operating systems in another article.

Where are the screenshots saved: Mac OS X

Well, finally, let's talk about how to performscreenshot on computers from Apple, whose legendary leader left this world not so long ago. "Poppies" are famous for their harmony and convenience. In order to make a screenshot in the operating system Mac OS X, you need to know the keyboard shortcuts. And here they are:

  • COMMAND-SHIFT-3 - save the whole area of ​​the desktop to the file;
  • COMMAND-SHIFT-4 - only the selected area of ​​the desktop is saved;
  • COMMAND-SHIFT-4-SPACE - save the program window to a separate file.

In order to save the file also to the clipboard, you must additionally hold down the Ctrl key. Here's how to save a screenshot of the screen.

An even easier way to create a screenshot on a Mac is to use the Screenshot Plus widget. He can do all kinds of screenshots and is the most convenient for any user.

Which operating system do you prefer?you, dear reader. Different developers offer different solutions for everyday, and sometimes very everyday tasks of the modern user. It is possible to prove for a long time with foam at the mouth that one system is better than another, however, only you can make the right choice, which corresponds to your goals and tasks of working with a personal computer.

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