Where to go to Anapa tourist?

The city-resort of Anapa is open all year round for everyone who wants to visit this wonderful place.

where to go to anapaEvery year, many people come to Anaparelax on the beach. For guests deciding where to go to Anapa, there are many cultural and entertainment places. Most vacationers come in summer with children. Along the coast of the sea stretched for many kilometers the golden sands of the beaches of Anapa. This is the "Central" located in the center of the city, and "Medicinal", named so, because it brings a lot of therapeutic algae there, and the beach of the High Coast on the cliff with the cleanest sea water.

But even in the summer weather can deteriorate, and thenthere is a question before arriving to rest in Anapa: "Where to go?" In the evening, many tourists can be seen on the waterfront, beautiful views and clean sea air will give the charm of a leisurely wellness walk. For those who love adrenaline, the "Sea of ​​Pleasure" water park and two "Golden Beach" and "Tiki-Taki" water parks are suitable for visiting. In the water park you will truly enjoy the sea on many European attractions, water skiing or windsurfing. In water parks you will also get a lot of positive emotions, slipping down from numerous slides and splashing in the pools of the water park.

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If you are still wondering where to goin Anapa, the dolphinarium on Pionersky Prospekt works for you.The Dolphinarium is equipped with special ramps for disabled people, there is a convenient parking here.You will enjoy the games of dolphins with great pleasure and be able to be photographed with them for memory.The Dolphinarium on Pionersky Avenue is the only one on the Black Sea coast. He lives eight young penguins brought from Peru and Chile, against which they can be photographed.

Where can I go to Anapa yet? At the intersection of the streets of the Black Sea and the Serfdom there is a sports ground, which all sports fans can visit. Here you can play volleyball, basketball, table tennis and rollerblading.

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Anapa also has a miniature zoo,which is located in the center of the city. Here live monkeys, large talking parrots, kangaroos, ostriches, crocodiles and many other animals that can be fed from the hands and photographed. Where to go to Anapa with children? Of course, the exhibition of moving dinosaurs. Here you can see long-extinct animals in full growth: triceratops, brachiosaurus, tyrannosaurus and others.

On the waterfront is "Ancient cityGorgippia ". This is one of the unique preserved Greek cities, the excavations of which you can inspect and take pictures. Visiting the museum Gorgippia, you will learn a lot of useful and interesting.

Where to go to Anapa in the evening? Many restaurants and clubs are open in Anapa in the evening and at night. Here you can enjoy wonderful cuisine, live music and dance the whole night. In the City Theater in the summer come various theatrical collectives on tour. Lovers of classical relaxation can plunge into theatrical atmosphere in the evening. On the Summer Stage and in the concert hall "Victory" all the summer stars from all over Russia perform.

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