Who will go to Eurovision from Russia in 2017

According to the already established tradition, it takes place on the territory of the country-winner of last year’s competition. In 2016, the honorary title was won for her state by the singer Jamal from Ukraine, who sang the most beautiful song about the fate of the Tatar people. The jury and the audience were not indifferent to this story, so they awarded the first place to the girl.

Now everyone who wants to enjoy the magnificent action taking place on the stage during the competition can come to Ukraine. There will be two semi-finals, where the composition of the finalists will be determined. Despite the fact that there is still a whole year left before the event, countries are already beginning to determine the artists representing these countries. Well, the question“Who will go to Eurovision 2017 from Russia”remains open.

Choice of venue

Eurovision participant 2017 from Russia

While there are disputes regarding future contestants, and Russia is deciding whether it will take part in the struggle for first place at all, in Kiev they are trying to determine the venue. This will be the second time when Ukraine will host this large-scale competition.In 2005, thanks to Ruslana’s victory, the singers' contests were held in the “Palace of Sports”. He is able to accommodate 10 thousand spectators and has all the necessary equipment.

There is one more place where the ceremony could be held - Moscow Olympic Complex. It is much larger and is able to accommodate more than 100 thousand spectators, and given the popularity of the show, such a landing is extremely relevant.

Of course, Kiev is not the only city that is ready to host Eurovision 2017. Thus, the Dnieper, Kharkiv, Odessa and Lviv also expressed a desire to become the main cities where this historical musical event for Ukraine will take place.

Who will participate?

Russia at Eurovision 2017

At the moment, Germany, Portugal, France, Sweden, Spain have officially confirmed their desire to participate. In principle, there is no doubt about these member countries, because they send their contestants each year to fight for the victory. As for the other countries, they are still considering their participation in Eurovision 2017.

It should be noted that there will be in the show and debutants. So Kazakhstan this year joined the EMU, so his application can be considered positively.In addition, Turkey, Kosovo and the United States submitted their applications. It did not cost from failures. So at the official meeting of the heads of the EMU, where the dates of the semi-finals and finals were determined, they heard the rejection of Luxembourg and Andorra. Slovakia, Albania and Australia have so far postponed their decision.

Today, the public is seriously asking about the participation of Russia in Eurovision due to the unfavorable political situation with Ukraine. In addition, the Russian delegation is unhappy with the results of the last competition and considers the victory of Jamala unjustified.

Worthy candidate

Russia is still early to be dismissed. The government of the Russian Federation strongly recommends that the media does not “drive the horses”, because they have not yet reached a final conclusion. Today we can only assume and listen to the statements in the forums devoted to show business, in order to guess who will still decide to go to the upcoming song contest.

It is worth noting that Russian pop stars are not averse to representing their country and are eager to go to Ukraine with a special desire. So the list of candidates is growing every day, and we can only talk about some of them.

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  1. Natasha Koroleva.As the singer has Ukrainian roots, she is ready to speak with dignity and honor from Russia to prove that no political party should interfere with the cultural development of citizens. As expected, in her microblog the Queen posted a post, in the hope that many of her fans will support and approve this choice. In addition, Natasha admitted that she was the director of the video for the song “1944”, with which Jamal won the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.
  2. Joseph Kobzon.No disagreement can prevent Kobzon from wanting to go to a song contest. People's Artist of the USSR and a State Duma deputy, I am sure, if he were excluded from the sanctions list, he would have won the victory of Russia at Eurovision 2017. He noted that he would perform the song exclusively in the Ukrainian language, which is his native.
  3. Sergei Shnurov. This scandalous artist has recently amazed show business with his unfettered clips and free statements. It is not uncommon to hear in his works not the normative vocabulary, but this does not make them worse. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin himself wrote on his page on social networks that even if Shnurov did not win, then he would send someone to something.Naturally Shnurov responded to this “message” in the usual form - comic.
  4. NyushaThe 24-year-old popular artist has already managed to talk with Eurovision guru Philip Kirkorov. The girl said she was not averse to go to Ukraine and show what is capable of the entire European community. Kirkorov promised to help Nyusha in this matter, but, as you know, he is doing quite well at it. All of his protégés who have ever participated in Eurovision held high places. Now the singer picks up a song and thinks through the show program.

Answer from the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

One of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Anton Gerashchenko, in an interview with a popular radio station in Ukraine, said that only those who did not make the non grata list could beat the list of candidates for participation in this song contest. The list includes many Russian artists and activists who are aggressively opposed to the Ukrainian state.

Recall that in 2015 a “black list” of Russian celebrities was published, numbering more than 80 people. Among many well-known personalities in this list you can meet Oleg Gazmanov, Grigory Leps, Yuli Checherin, Stas Peha,Alexander Rosenbaum and others. These people are prohibited from entering the country and their participation in the competition is not possible.

In other, until 2017, the situation in the country and in the world can normalize, the two warring parties finally shake hands, and a worthy participant will go from Russia to Eurovision 2017.

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