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Wholesome Ginger

Beneficial features Ginger was used in ancient times. The root of this plant was treated diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it was taken for nausea and bowel disorder. By utility, ginger is equated to garlic. Unlike from garlic, ginger does not have a pronounced smell, although it contains a large amount of essential oils. In its composition there are substances beneficial affecting not only digestion butand on the whole body.

About unique I have heard the properties of ginger before, but I did not dare to use it, because that did not know how. Eat ginger root can be in its natural form (grinding) and in powder. It is used for the prevention and treatment of various diseases. Ginger root helps with toxicosis, as it relieves nausea. Eating ginger helps lower cholesterol. This root, similar to an intricate figure, has antioxidant properties.

Good effect gives the use of ginger for colds.Ginger is used as a spice. Noticed that with regular use, it rejuvenates the skin and the body as a whole. To taste Ginger is both hot and sweet. It refers to hot spices and It is added to meat, fish dishes and pastries. In Japanese cuisine, ginger is The obligatory ingredient is sushi. Since for the preparation of this dish is taken raw fish, then ginger acts as an antihelminthic drug, at the same time introducing piquancy into it.

Ginger attached a special flavor to the first and second courses, its, and to be more precise, natural flavors based on it, added to drinks and sweets. Before eat ginger root, you need to buy it. How to choose fresh and high quality product? Fresh ginger skin is smooth. It is hard to touch and does not have no black specks and dents. Ginger can be stored in the refrigerator several weeks. The taste of dried and chopped ginger differs significantly from fresh. It does not have that refreshing aftertaste, and, as a rule, powder used for baking.

So you bought fresh ginger. What to do with it? Before you eat ginger root, it must be peeled, but cut it must be very thin, because A significant amount of nutrients is concentrated just below it. Not should be used for cutting ginger wood chopping boards, because the smell on them lasts a very long time. Just before cooking ginger dishes are ground. Better to do it on a grater. Than later you put the spiciness in the cooking dish, the brighter the taste and aroma will be.

Meat can be pickled in the sauce, which includes ginger. For example, many do not like lamb due to the fact that it has a specific smell and taste. Try to cook it according to the following recipe: make a sauce from the juice of one lemon, half a cup olive oil, one tablespoon of grated fresh ginger and three cloves chopped garlic. Salt the lamb chopped into portions (preferably with ribs) and pickle in cooked sauce. In two hours Lamb steaks can be grilled or in a frying pan. By the way, ginger - This is a good way to lose weight. Ginger tea is prepared simply: sliced ginger at the rate of 1 tbsp. l For half a glass of water is poured boiling water and insist in thermosDrink a drink half an hour before meals.

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