Why do not bloom peonies. What to do?

Peonies are spring-flowering plants that make our dachas simply buried in flowers. Its unpretentious perennials decorative reach their a few years after planting. Incredibly fragrant. Look great about the porch in the country. They love it when they are fed with various folk supplements and infusions, for example, with old tea leaves. The time when peonies bloom - the beginning of June.

Peonies are propagated by dividing the bush. It is better to transplant peonies in autumn, then they will bloom next spring. However, this does not always happen, let's figure out what to do if peonies do not bloom.

Why do not peonies bloom

  1. Most often this is due to the fact that the place for their landing is chosen unsuccessful - low, with high standing of groundwater, shaded, with closely growing bushes or trees, next to the buildings.
  2. The second very common problem is a buried, or vice versa, too small a landing, as well as a late autumn landing.
  3. For many years the plants did not dig out or divide them, their rhizomes grew, rose above the ground level, grew old, and the buds were crushed. Such peonies bloom badly.

There are a number of reasons why peonies do not bloom.

If in the previous year during the flowering period or after it there was a drought, then without watering the buds will remain small. The dryness of the soil during the autumn period of the previous year adversely affects flowering. Plants in such conditions form weak adventitious roots, and in the root tubers do not store enough nutrients for flowering in subsequent years.

The development of diseases, most often gray mold, as well as late blight, leaf spots and viral diseases, worsens the flowering of peonies.

Sometimes poor flowering and earlier drying of peony stems is observed on very acidic soils or due to a lack of potassium, as well as a sharp disturbance of the ratio of nutrients in the soil, which can occur with the illiterate application of large doses of mineral fertilizers.

How to feed the peonies, to improve flowering.

To accelerate the flowering of peonies, you can build a film cover over them - the earth warms up faster, and the peonies will bloom earlier.

It is also necessary to feed the peonies in the spring for better development and lush flowering of peonies. Most often feed peonies with 3 years of planting, because before that should be enough of those fertilizers that make the pit when planting. Top dressing is better to make a groove depth of 5 cm, made around the bush.

How to feed the peonies in the spring.In the spring, when the snow begins to melt or immediately after it disappears, add nitrogen-potassium fertilizers. You need to make 10 - 15 grams of nitrogen and 10 - 20 grams of potassium under each bush.

In June, then, when the buds begin to appear, make such fertilizer for peonies. Dissolve the mullein infusion 1:10, or chicken manure 1:20, and add to it 5-7 grams of nitrogen, 10 grams of phosphorus and 15-7 grams of potassium per plant bush.

Top dressing of peonies, after flowering.Two weeks after the end of flowering, the plant laid buds. And here the feeding of pions can be like that. Mix 15 to 20 grams of phosphorus and 10 to 15 grams of potassium.

Be sure to follow the rate of fertilizer and fertilizing. An excess of nitrogen leads to the fact that there will be a lot of green leaves, and few buds and flowers. Also, the resistance of flowers to disease will worsen.

Rememberthat it is necessary to apply fertilizer in wet weather or to water the bushes plentifully, after fertilization.

Organic fertilizer for peonies

Peonies will respond well to fertilizing with a solution of mullein or bird droppings with mineral fertilizers added to it. To do this, dissolve 1 bucket of fresh cow dung in a garden irrigation barrel and fill it with 5-6 buckets of water. Bird droppings need to be diluted, bay 1 bucket of droppings with 25 buckets of water. Let the barrel with the solution stand in a sunny place for 10 - 15 days.

Then add to this fertilizer 0.5 kg of wood ash, 200-300 g of superphosphate and mix well. Before entering into the soil, this infusion is diluted with water 2 times cow's and 3 times bird's. And then, you won’t have any more questions than to feed peonies in spring for lush flowering.

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