There was a time when the language was not divided with speech. Each word of the Russian language corresponded to a certain concept of “objective reality”. In other words, the spoken thought was immediately an action.
Therefore, in folk tales often used the expression: "said - done." It was a magic language. There was power in him. Those words that we now use, often without thinking about their meaning, once had practical value. In fact, they served as levers of control of the world. Mages (derived from the word to be able - the buffoons said: “who the moget is the magician”) always knew about it and used the power of the word in their spells. Moreover, the more powerful the magician was, the faster the expressed idea materialized in reality.
At the time of the Vedic (pre-Christian) culture, almost all people owned this knowledge. Then it was possible to say grief: “move from this place to another” - and she switched. All nature obeyed the power of the word! By the way, during the construction of the pyramids, huge blocks (weighing about 2.5 thousand tons) rose up precisely by the power of words.To lift them at the expense of only one physical force was impossible. Cranes with a large load capacity appeared only in the XX century.
The power of the word was used not only in construction, but also to transform into other entities, for example, into the persona of another person, into animals, into plants, into various objects, into stones, and even into atmospheric phenomena. This ability to take on the appearance of someone else is called negotiation. The fact is that the transformation itself was often accompanied by a ritual in which a person made a tumble, i.e. turned over his head, or turned around. This is where the word for labor comes from. In fairy tales, this is quite often described when the hero turns, for example, into a good fellow. It is interesting to note that the process of wrapping (spinning, twisting) is inherent in such an object as a top. It so happened that traditionally most often turned into wolves. Perhaps for this reason, this beast and began to be called the top, or abbreviated wolf. Usually, during the ceremony, the magician put on the skin of the beast, which he wanted to turn into. A person in this form was called hairy or hairy. It is easy to trace the chain: enlarged -> Magus, i.e. man with the ability to work.And further: magic -> magician -> magic -> wizard. In other words, the wizard is a werewolf, i.e. he who is able to become one with the whole world, and therefore be anyone! It is not difficult to understand that the main werewolf of the Universe is God!
For a person who is in a state of pure (uncluttered) consciousness, each # thought or word was immediately executed. You could turn into any creature, materialize any thing, instantly move to any place in the Universe, walk on water, fly through the air, pass through walls and much more. In essence, this is the divine vision of the world. For a modern person, this seems like a miracle, for a vedun (person of knowledge), it is simply following the laws of the universe. Everyone knows that an elephant is a very strong animal. But when he enters a fast mountain river, which is knee-deep to him, it simply knocks him down with a stream. And the little nimble fish quietly swims against the current, especially without straining. The thing is that the fish harmoniously fit into the river flow, not being a hindrance to the elements, but merging with it into a single whole. Natural disasters fall on the head of modern man due to the fact that he destroys nature, thereby breaking the harmony of the world.
The rite of truism was often used in military initiations, as well as immediately before the battle. Such a "militant laborism" was known to the Slavs, the Germans, the Celts and many other nations. If a warrior threw a wolfskin on himself, he was called a wolfhound, and if a bear, he was called a berserk. (Ber is a bear. The word "berserk" is of Scandinavian origin, but now it is often used as a general designation of "animal soldiers" of all nations). Mimicking the behavior and habits of the corresponding animal, the person passed into an altered state of consciousness and acquired the power of the beast, which was inaccessible in the usual state of the world perception. There is evidence that one berserk could hold back the onslaught of 20-30 warriors, dodging lightning-fast from swords and arrows. Interestingly, the werewolf warriors did not recognize the chain mail, but fought to the waist naked. It served as a kind of psychic attack and led to mystical horror enemies! One of these berserkers was the Russian knight Yevpaty Kolovrat. The chronicles preserve information about how he bravely fought with the Tatars during the time of their raids on Russia.
It should be said that there is uncontrollable labor of negotiation or # obsession.In this case, they say about a person that he is possessed by an evil spirit, or that # demons are sitting in him. Nowadays, people have especially accumulated various demonic images, due to the manifestation of which a person begins to behave inadequately in a given situation, in other words, loses control of himself. Most crimes are committed in a state of insanity. Usually, after that, a person cannot understand why he did it. There are special spiritual practices for cleansing from internal other personalities. The main goal of all these practices is to turn on oneself, i.e. return to the state of pure consciousness.
As a conclusion, we can add that in the Slavic tradition, life is one and only in many reincarnations. Death does not exist, there are only transitions from one form of existence to another.

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If a person believes in a “miracle” he will get it. There is demand, there will be supply. "Believers" forget about the realities of modern reality, and about who rules the ball on Earth. A very old expression - What does the crowd want? Bread and circuses, circuses and bread. Here the crowd is given a spectacle, which also, by its miraculousness, also keeps the crowd in religious bonds. Right choice, gentlemen, the right choice.

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