Winchester - the house that built the ghosts - the film in 2018

  • World premiere: April 5, 2018
  • Premiere in Russia: March 2018
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Genre: Horror, Thriller
  • Directors: Michael Spirig, Peter Spigrig
  • Cast: Helen Mirren, Sarah Snook, Jason Clark

Not many horror films have the “Based on real events” box. Those that are filmed in the stories that have a place in real life, literally chained the audience to the chairs. But it happens more from fear of moving. It is terrifying that the plot was not invented by any director, but appeared in view of the incidents that real people experienced the hard way. "The Winchester House, which was built by ghosts" - the same story that did not need fantasy.

Winchester House

Once upon a time, Sarah Winchester began building a mansion of enormous size, long known for her wealth and family of small arms developers. Many people of that time wondered why she needed such a bulky home. The answer to this question will be heard in 2018.And he is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.


The film "Winchester House that built ghosts", which premiered in 2018, tells the story of Sarah Padi. A young girl who was lucky enough to marry William Winchester - the son of the legendary inventor of the no less legendary rifle. The young did not remember themselves from happiness, because their feelings were sincere. William was the only descendant of Oliver Winchester, and, consequently, he inherited all the condition of his father. Only in addition to the colossal amounts in the bank and universal honor, along with the inheritance to the son and his close associates, something else falls ...

Oliver Winchester did not just invent a powerful and accurate rifle that knows no equal in all the United States of America. He radically changed the situation in the Wild West. Shots were fired from his creation every day. And, every day, new corpses appeared. Thanks to the Winchester rifle, the North defeated the South in a civil war, eliminating more than half of the army. The rifle was constantly used in military clashes with other aggressors, thirsty for the wealth of the United States. But not only the army was armed with these weapons.Hired assassins and robbers used it in their malicious intentions.

It is not known where the curse went. Whether someone from the victims of the weapon of Winchester managed to pronounce the words of the spell, or someone from the inner circle of one of the victims did it. Or maybe there were so many dead that the curse appeared and found its owner itself. But the Winchester clan was doomed. First, Oliver himself suffered from this, and afterwards his descendants.

Winchester House

As already mentioned, William received the inheritance of his father. And after him the most powerful curse, which can not be removed by any sorcerer or an Indian shaman.

William dies almost as soon as he marries Sarah. After the girl has to bury her husband, she learns about the pregnancy. But what is her grief when a child who has not had time to be born dies in a strange way? Further, there is a series of failures, and the appearance of strange people at night. Only after some time, Sarah realizes that these are not people, but ghosts.

She learns about the medium living in Boston, which helps to communicate with the spirits of relatives. Without thinking, she goes to him, where she communicates with her long-dead husband.In a session of spiritualism, she learns that the spirits of the dead are pursuing her. And those who went to another world because of the invention of his father - Oliver Winchester. And the worst thing is that it is impossible to get rid of them. The only way out is to fool the ghosts. For this, the late William advises his wife to build a house with a special layout.

Sarah returns to her city, and acquires a large house on the coast, consisting of three floors. From the first day of settlement, she begins the construction of four more floors. All rooms and corridors are arranged so as to deceive the souls of dead people so that they do not get to the woman. In general, the house has 2,000 doors and 10,000 windows. Here lives Sarah herself, her niece and Dr. Eric Price.

Winchester House

Coincidence with history

Unlike a feature film, Sarah Winchester’s house consisted of three floors, and, as was known, she lived there alone. Before the earthquake that occurred in 1906, the house had six floors. After the cataclysm, the three upper floors collapsed. In view of this, the hostess did some repairs, and left her dwelling three-story.

Sarah Winchester has invested almost all her money in building a house.The layout of this building is not like any building. In it the corridors end in dead ends in several places. Doors open into the walls, and many stairs end with a ceiling. The architects placed special emphasis on the figure 13. There were 13 windows in the rooms, and all the stairs had 13 steps.

release date

As the film directors sounded - brothers Michael Spirig and Peter Spirig, the premiere will take place in April 2018. The script served as a novel by Tom Von's “Nine Lives,” which the brothers remade beyond recognition. The cinema is made in a new style, different from the musty, annoying traditions that are characteristic of the modern horror.

Roles will be performed by famous actors who have participated in many high-profile film industry projects:

  1. Helen Mirren

She will play the mistress herself and, concurrently, the architect of the awful mansion, where dozens of not depressed souls of people shot with a Winchester rifle live.

Sarah winchester

  1. Jason clark

He gets the role of Dr. Eric Price, who is invited to live in a mansion in order to examine Sarah.

  1. Sara snook

The famous actress will play the role of Sarah's niece.

According to the directors, the audience is waiting for sensations that they had not previously experienced. To verify this will allow not so long ago released in the network trailer.

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