Winter tires rating 2018-2019

The choice of tires for the winter season is one of the most responsible. After all, it is in the winter that the number of accidents on the road increases, most of which occur due to the fault of bad weather and the leisurely performance of the cleaning machines. In order for you to protect yourself and the car, we have compiled a ranking of the best winter tires of the season 2018-2019. Before you buy, be sure to study it to make the right decision.

What should I look for when choosing a tire?

Winter types of tires have hyper-protection, improve adhesion to the surface, maneuverability when the vehicle moves to the right / left, and are distinguished by increased wear resistance. The process of making winter tires is more long and expensive, significantly different from the creation of conventional tires.

Car tiresBefore buying, you should choose the type of tires that will suit you both in quality and in the price segment. There are such types of tires:

  1. Studded. When installing these tires will have to buy a sticker for the rear window of the car. Otherwise, the traffic police inspector may write you a fine.
  2. Friction. Conventional winter tires, without studs.
  3. Spike. They are provided with additional ribbons with spikes that are superimposed on the wheel.

The first type of tire covers is additionally supplied with plug-in elements made of high-strength metal alloys, which contributes to increased friction between the surfaces and counteracts sliding. Studded tires are ideal for residents of the suburbs and those who like to spend winter weekends in nature. The car will be fine to go on ice and snowdrifts, the way of braking is significantly reduced.

The rubber tread will consist of:

  1. Overhead slats.
  2. Channels to divert water and snow.
  3. Studded sites.
  4. Studded rubber can be called a subspecies studded. This rubber can be operated with inserts and without them. The reviews about it are not bad, but on special tests, it shows itself not from the best side (it is almost inferior to studded tire covers).

Friction rubber, that is, without studded part, is also supplied with special lamellae attached to the outer part of the wheel. This design is only suitable for driving around the city in a nonsmooth climate (for most parts of the Russian Federation such tires will be unsuitable).

Friction tire can be of two types:

  1. European.
  2. For Scandinavian countries.

If we even take such rubber for driving in Russia, then only the Scandinavian type. It is more suitable for driving in difficult weather conditions. Suitable for a changeable climate, protectors are additionally equipped with water and snow removal.

European rubber is suitable for warm regions of the Russian Federation (Caucasus, Krasnodar Territory, Astrakhan), as it is suitable only at very low temperatures. European tires are distinguished by the following features of the exterior:

  1. Made from hard cover.
  2. There are channels for removal of liquid masses.
  3. They have less lamellae and they are thinner.
  4. The tread elements are low - only 60 millimeters.

Top manufacturers

Tire manufacturersThe best manufacturers of winter tires were determined by analyzing reviews of a large number of buyers. According to 2018, the Nokian, Michelin and Dunlop plants became the most popular among car owners.

1. Nokian

The main manufacturer of winter tires can be called the Finnish concern Nokian, which became famous in 1898, becoming one of the first producers of high-quality tire covers.At the beginning of the 20th century, the concern’s specialists developed the world's first winter tire types, which were released only after several years of testing. Even now, all rubber is tested for several years and only then released into mass production. According to many car owners, the concern from Finland won the first place in the Russian rating.

2. Goodyear

Goodyear (a company from the United States of America) deserves second place, producing universal tires for different climatic conditions. According to car owners, their products are distinguished by their durability, wear resistance, design, and maintain maximum adhesion between surfaces. Products tested on the roads of the northern parts of the United States and Canada, where the climate can sometimes be even more severe than ours, so you should not doubt the quality of rubber.

3. Bridgestone

Bronze in our ranking receives Asian manufacturer Bridgestone (Japan), which produces the most modern products (the company deals not only with tires, but also with other accessories for cars). Many note the excellent adhesion of tires with the roadway and their durability (one set is enough for several seasons).The company has been working with rubber since the thirties of the last century. In the Russian market is mainly represented by non-studded rubber.

4. Dunlop

The fourth position of our 2018-2019 rubber rating is Irish manufacturer Dunlop (Dunlop), which introduces modern technology in the process of creating rubber and testing it. In the opinion of most buyers, we can conclude that the rubber is very durable, some of it is enough for 3-4 seasons. The company is also famous for its unique tread patterns.

5. Michelin

The company Michelin (French company) is the world leader in the manufacture of products for tire. Buyers note a decrease in fuel consumption of cars after the installation of tires from this manufacturer. Is it really - is unknown. Perhaps in the service station when installing just changed some part, because of what the fuel consumption and decreased.

6. Continental AG

Automobile Plant Continental AG (Germany) provides a wide choice not only of tires, but also components for automobiles. Products are famous for strong frame.

Top models rating

With the best manufacturers, we have already decided, now consider the list of the best models of tires for the season 2018-2019, according to the majority of car owners:

1.Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 (Nokian Hakapelitta). These tires are notable for their durability and excellent off-road driving. Prices vary depending on the diameter.

2. Goodyear Ultragrip Ice 2. Experts say that these tires stand out among other transverse parts. Suitable for riding on ice (for example, for winter fishing on the lake).

3. Continental ContiVikingContact 6. Non-studded tires allow you to gain speed even on snowy stretches of the road, but are notable for their high cost (from 120 conventional units).

4. Michelin x ice 3. Tires of this company are designed in such a way that they adapt to road conditions, as they are supplemented with sharp edges. Allow to get out of the slush and dirt.

5. Bridgestone Blizzak DM (Bridgestone Blizak). Mainly used for passenger cars, sometimes for crossovers. In case of abrasion of the coating from the inside, it is supported by a porous coating, which allows to continue using tires for more than one season.

6. Hankook Winter icept iZ2 manufacturers supplied a wedge-shaped protector. The price varies within 110 conventional units.

7. Snow Cross 2 Cordiant have sixteen stripes with spikes, helping when driving off-road.

8. Continental Contiicecontact is durable, manoeuvrable and resistant to winter roads.

When choosing winter tires, focus not only on the advice of the seller, pay attention to our rating of the best models of tires of the season 2018-2019. Before buying, check the certificates of conformity with the seller. If you question the authenticity of rubber, it is better to buy it from an authorized dealer or on the manufacturer's website. Recently, even in the market of tires began to appear Chinese fakes, which give out the originals.

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