Wishes for Birthday to brother from sister

Hearty congratulations to my brother from my sister in verses with his birthday

My dearest brother,
Happy Birthday honey!
Know sister loves you
And we will be friends all our life.
I wish to be always happy
To work - a friendly team,
And love is mutual, holy,
In the property - the mine is gold.
May you always be lucky in everything
And let your soul bloom.

My dear brother, you are quite big.
On the holiday I congratulate with all my heart.
I will give first a modest kiss,
You grew up good - do not indulge further!
And do not be offended that I say so -
You are not a child. I love you!
Let everything turn out better in life,
Home, family, work - happiness without interference !!!

Glorious my little brother, give me a hug,
Pinch gently and press again.
"Happy birthday, brother!" - I hasten to say
You are quite an adult, you can't sleep.
Let you as a gift (except those of mine)
Happiness pripodit, well, and this verse
Gives let care how you read it ...
The main thing is health, and everything!

Happy Birthday to You -
Congratulations, not joking.
Congratulations for brother,
In order to live richly.
So that health is only stronger -
I wish first,
And then - good luck,
So that in winter you are not cold!
Be kind, as always -
This, brother, is not nonsense.
Make mother-father happy with things
So as not to remember yourself -
Next try to live
Smart and diligent to be.
On this holiday, dear brother,
Everyone congratulate you glad!

From your little sister
Congratulations all mile -
On birthday for brother
The door is open, the table is rich.
And there is no number for the arms,
That is such a beauty!
I and your whole family -
Congratulations to all of you!
Long years, health, brother -
Drink, but not lemonade.
Let things go soberly
Happiness pours over the edge.
The rest you probably
Myself, my dear wish it !!!

Cool birthday greetings to brother from sister

I wish to be always on top
Have in store a lot of positive,
To live in joy, love and beauty,
To be from the heart and simply happy.

Beloved brother, let them come true dreams
And all that is in the world, I wish you.
May the cherished dreams come true
I congratulate you happy birthday!

Brother, happy birthday to you!
Let life be full of good.
Good health, great luck
And let difficult problems be solved.

I wish you love the warmest feelings
A little pranks and a bit of madness,
Rich share, bright positive days
And eternal happiness in your great destiny.

Great happiness, a lot of joy,
To good luck waiting at the door.
Be more fun, do not lose friends
And do not forget about my sister.
Let all your deeds be in order
Life in love, warmth and abundance!

Who is the happiest of all today?
No doubt it is you!
After all, congratulations today
Accept from my sister.

Stay strong brave
Like a cool superhero.
All will succeed without fail
Just follow the dream.

And on the road of life
You only go forward.
Do not care let the alarm
And always in all luck.

Poems happy birthday to brother from sister

I congratulate you again and again,
Always you were there, always helped.
Sister you are the shore and cherished
Love and affection is always surrounded.

You, brother, I'm sorry, because offended by something,
I tried to always be a good sister.
Brother, believe me, I love you hard,
I wish you well on your birthday.

I wish you happiness, unparalleled love,
I wish you true friends.
Good luck, success, wealth and light
A little more to be in yours, brother, fate.

Happy Birthday bro!
Congratulations accept.
Laugh often, smile,
Frown and sigh less.

Know your sister loves you
For me you are the best!
May all life be happy
And success will come to you.

Today is your birthday
My brother is the most expensive.
Dreams let it be yours.
Health, joy, love!

I sincerely wish you happiness
And long life without bad weather!
Everywhere, let success await you,
Good, fun, ringing laughter!

Brother's birthday
This is a holiday for me!
I'm glad you brother
Wish all the best, loving.

Let the house be a full bowl
You always be healthy.
And let our family
The trouble never knows!

I hurry to congratulate you,
Wish you well.
What else can I add?
Be happy Your sister.

Brother is my best and most beloved,
You remain the fate of the stored.
To luck accompanied
In the morning so that the sun wants happiness!

Earthly blessings are allowed,
Good people will smile at you
Light will be paths, roads,
Hands and feet will be intact!

But seriously, I congratulate you,
I wish the best in life.
May all your dreams come true,
Let your plans come true today!

Sincere greetings from the sister to his birthday

Happy birthday brother
And I wish many years and days
You live in love, good, good luck.
Every day be, brother, more fun!
I want to wish a lot of happiness.
And find your destiny and keep it.
One hundred friends to have good, faithful.
Smiling to live, not to lose heart.
Let your dreams and all desires
Be executed without delay and interference.
From the sister, accept your wishes
Be happier and happier than all!

Congratulations on your sister
On a beautiful holiday this is a birthday,
Let your dreams come true
Not far off their implementation.
I want to wish you good luck,
May you always be happy.
Remember, brother - do not be discouraged,
After all, those lucky who in life did not give up!

Happy Birthday, brother beloved!
Strength, happiness and love,
True friendship and health,
Let dreams come true!
Let the heart be hot
A cold head.
Be bold always and therefore
Don't ever give up!

Happy birthday brother!
I wish that by pike
Thy desires have been fulfilled,
So that life was full of charm!

Short wish happy birthday to brother from sister

I am proud of you, bro.
You're not a sissy,
A man is strong, brave.
Do any business.

Mom and dad respect
And I do not hurt.
We are not just brother and sister
We are good friends with you.

Happy birthday, congratulations!
I wish you many blessings:
Joy, love, good luck
And good luck to the bargain.

To make the plans come true
The money did not run out,
There were true friends.
Brother, I love you.

I wish you a birthday brother
All that you lack now!
Let there be luck on the road and luck,
But sadness does not touch your bright eyes.

Fate let you only be gracious
And let life keep the most loyal friends!
May your house always be a bowl only full!
And the miracle is always waiting for you at the door!

Today is your holiday - your birthday!
And again the reason to grow up more.
And life hurries forward without regret.
And I wish you everything in time to catch it.

Catch a goal to be a man.
To understand what is important. And stupid - forget!
In everything, always be right and strong.
To be able to forgive and sincerely love!

May life be always beautiful
May there be joy and luck,
Live with meaning, not in vain.
Little brother, my dear, happy birthday!

I want to admit I at all
What is happy here is such a brother.
My defense, my success,
I do not need another in my life!

So good sister to be
In such a strong environment.
I wish you a happy life,
In prosperity, peace, respect!

Happy birth, my brother, you
I love and adore you
And whatever you want for yourself
I sincerely wish you!

Touching congratulations on his birthday to his brother from his sister

Some years ago
A brother appeared in life.
He made my friends laugh
Got people around,
He let the ships
Become stronger than all promised.
And now handsome - brother!
The girls look with envy ...
Brother from sister hello
And wish long years!
Happiness, joy, luck ...
Dear brother, happy birthday!

No dearer and dearer man I have,
My brother, happy birthday,
Congratulations, sister.

I wish you fun
Health, joy, victories.
Great life, inspiration,
Better you in the world there.

Let your dreams come true,
There are always lights in the shower.
Reached a huge height
Happiness, ease, love.

Brother, happy birthday -
You are a year older.
I wish the mood
That sorrow did not know.

And what you planned
Let all come true.
And let the good stars
Your light the way.

Brother, happy birthday.
Accept my words.
Wish list,
Peace and love.

Sis congratulates
With love and warmth.
Successful to be willing
Everywhere and in everything.

Hurry, brother, accept
You congratulations from my sister,
Let your life be like paradise
Full of good and pleasure!

Let the goals all come true,
Be healthy, always full of energy
I wish to smile more often
So that every moment was successful!

Happy birthday, brother beloved!
Forces. happiness and love,
True friendship and health,
Let dreams come true!

Let the heart be hot
A cold head.
Be bold always and therefore
Don't ever give up!

Happy birthday wishes to brother from sister in verse

We are with you alone -
Man has no relatives
Your fate is important to me.
Happy birthday, brother, you!

I am a sister and I wish
To live beautifully, misfortunes without knowing
Conquer your peaks
And to know the passions of the abyss.

Be happy and successful
Charming, of course.
Achieve your goals
And do not be sad today!

Brother dear, happy birthday!
Do not miss and do not be sad.
Let success and inspiration
Will meet on the way.

Let only luck in life
Smiles to you.
Be healthy, rich and happy.
Let lucky you in fate!

Happy birthday, my dear brother!
I am very glad to wish you happiness.
For me you are the most powerful and beautiful
Since childhood, I used to adore you.

May your dreams all come true soon
All wishes will be fulfilled on time
There will be a world around friendlier, kinder,
And friends will support in a difficult hour.

Let your family surround you
Only warm and kindness giving you.
Let love fill your heart.
Remember, brother, I love you.

Happy birthday, dear brother.
I wish you to be happy,
So that the family has peace and harmony.
Money for you to live beautifully!

So that all your dreams come true,
So that all plans come true,
In general, all that you want,
To heart beat in the rhythm of happiness!

Beloved brother, my dear,
I congratulate you today.
You are the closest and dear,
I only wish you joy.

So that you do not know all the misery,
I will always support you.
I wish you a lot of happiness
I really cherish you!

Always be strong and healthy
Smiling, beautiful, fashionable.
I wish impressions new.
Be free from all problems!

Birthday greetings to brother from sister in verse and prose

My brother, dear, beloved,
Happy Birthday to You!
God be forever preserved
Life for many years.

Angel will help you
Bypass you trouble
Be strong, loved too
And happy forever.

Dear brother, I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you good health, happiness and endless luck. May all your dreams come true and your hopes come true, and fate often gives pleasant surprises.

Little brother, happy birthday!
Good luck to you all
And many, many happiness
To swim in it.

Another car of luck,
Three boxes of good.
Hugs and kisses,
Love Your sister.

Dear brother, with all my sisterly love, I wish you a happy birthday, be always successful, stable and prosperous. Let everything work out, and things only go uphill. Love, luck and happiness!

Great happiness, a lot of joy,
To good luck waiting at the door.
Be more fun, do not lose friends
And do not forget about my sister.
Let all your deeds be in order
Life in love, warmth and abundance!

Happy Birthday Wishes to Brother from Sister in Prose

Play this life by its own rules. Explore this world to your satisfaction. Get the most, take what is due and achieve the most successful peaks. This is what I wish for on your birthday, my best brother in the world. Love you and happy with what you have me.

Cousin! Be even wiser, more successful and more talented. Birthday is a holiday when you have to look back, see if you have everything you dream about, if you are surrounded by the people you need. Congratulations on your day. I wish that, looking back, you would recall only the best. Happy holiday!

Happy birthday my beloved brother! Since childhood we grew up and were friends. And I know you, my dear brother, only from the good side, so from the pure heart and with love I want to wish prosperity, good luck, health and happiness. Let nothing darken your life, friends visit more often.Favorite people always delight, surprise and delight.

My beloved brother! They say a friend may be closer than a brother, and a brother is more than a friend. Know that you have always been, are and will be my best friend, my protector and patron, adviser in all matters. I firmly believe that I can always count on you. Thank you for this! Health, happiness, big love - you deserve it. Happy Birthday!

Dear brother, in today's birthday I wish you forever not to know betrayal, envy and hypocrisy. To make friends turn into a stone wall for you, protecting you from trouble, continuously providing support in any circumstances that have arisen. So that the feeling of love is in everything that surrounds you.

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