Zirconium - a stone of jewelry masters.

To one of the most widespreadsemiprecious stones used in jewelry, include zirconium. Zirconium is a stone formed by chemical and physical reactions from a natural mineral. His history dates back to the time of distant biblical writings, although the exact composition was discovered only in 1789 by two scientists - Klaproth and Werner, and already in 1824 Berzelius received the first artificial stone. Zirconium - a stone of high uniqueness in its structure and composition - is due to the natural property of refraction due to the density of the mineral, which brings it closer in appearance to cut diamonds - diamonds.

Since zirconium is a natural mineral, its compositionoften differs due to the areola of origin - admixtures of rare-earth elements are added to the basic composition. Most often it is an admixture of iron, titanium, uranium, strontium, zinc, copper, etc. It is this or that admixture that defines a variety of colors for zirconia-stone, which misleads many people who, due to a wide range of colors, often confuse zircon with other precious stones. The color of zirconium has almost all shades, but the most common in the jewelry business is brown zircon, which as a result of heat treatment and roasting acquires a soft blue color. Also it is possible to allocate wide popularity of transparent natural color of zirconium. This type of stone perfectly simulates diamonds, which allows jewelry to look expensive and chic with little expense, although for the master imitation is very clearly visible. Even an ordinary person will be able to distinguish the usual zirconium-stone from a diamond - the main role in this is played by lower strength and multiple refractions of light in the facets of zirconium, while the diamond refracts the light beam once. Less rigid than diamond, zircon during long-term exploitation can acquire chipping and chipping, which will not only spoil the aesthetic appearance of the jewelry, but also bring discomfort when worn. To avoid the appearance of defects, in jewelry, zircon is usually framed with a protective-type frame. Currently, the transparent or blue color of zirconium can be seen in many jewelry, giving them amazing brilliance and beauty.

In addition to the jewelry business, mass popularityZirconium-stone acquired in esoteric and astrological spheres. Many people endow it with so-called magic and healing properties, capable of influencing the life and character of a person. Numerous properties of this stone, attributed to him by hypochondriacs, are truly diverse - a guard against dangers on the road, animals, snakes, a healing stone stopping bleeding, an antidote improving the general condition of the body, a stone helping to expose deceit and lies, and much, much more. And in the last century, bracelets from zirconium, which have a beneficial and healing effect on the body, began to be widely advertised.

Zirconia bracelets are advertised as a means fornormalization of pressure, from diseases of many internal organs and the musculoskeletal system. At the same time, the cost of bracelets in online stores has grown significantly several times compared to the price determined by the market for zirconium itself. But it is worth considering whether this mineral really has all the properties that are attributed to it or is it just a vivid example of human self-hypnosis? After all, scientists were unequivocal - no healing properties were found in zirconium by science. Nevertheless, the popularity of zirconia bracelets does not fall, but for what purpose to wear them - for healing from diseases or beauty and a relatively inexpensive price - it's up to you.

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Zirconium - a stone of jewelry masters Zirconium - a stone of jewelry masters Zirconium - a stone of jewelry masters Zirconium - a stone of jewelry masters Zirconium - a stone of jewelry masters Zirconium - a stone of jewelry masters Zirconium - a stone of jewelry masters Zirconium - a stone of jewelry masters Zirconium - a stone of jewelry masters Zirconium - a stone of jewelry masters